Hi Lacee!

Our baby is wonderful.  He is still a light golden color and weighs in at about 90lbs on any given day. I named him Asthore Karrae Gunner.  We call him Gunner. 
He is very sweet and gentle, especially with children and elderly people.  He takes on a very subdued and gentle manner when he is around them, which is wonderful!  Our two year old neighbor just loves him and feeds him everything from her dolls to her own clothes through the fence.  He loves the snow and the rain.  In fact, he loves water any way he can get it.  He loves bath time and the dryer.  He house trained within 2 weeks and has never had any accidents.  He doesn't bother shoes or any items that we warned him against at a very young age.  

He is such a love and so intelligent and I would recommend your litters to anyone.

With kindest regards,
Rebecca Lake


Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Penny is absolutely the most adorable thing ever. All four of us have fallen in love with this dog- and I know the kids will remember this past Christmas forever.

She is doing so good! She was so sweet when we got her, and she slept all night in her crate without fussing the first night (and every night since).

We took her to the vet, too- and the vet actually adopted a pup from you about a year ago, and had nothing but good things to say about her dog.

Anyway, wanted to just say thanks. We love her and she really completes our family. Hope all is well with you and your family.