Princess Lilah of Golden Acres - 'Lilah'
AKC #SR75621910
dob: 7/2/2012
Full American  Light Golden  66 lbs
Very gentle soft golden
Dam (Mother): June
Sire (Father): Goldy

Gunner Gambler GoldenGate              
AKC #SR87668810                                
Full American Golden                           
Dam (Mother): Maggie May Bird          
Sire (Father): Delsarto's Casper           

AKC #SR68671101
Full American Golden
Full Fluffy Coat

AKC # SR71176606
dob: 12/3/2011
Full European  White Golden
80 lbs large blocky head

Dutchess June of Golden Acres - 'June'
AKC # SR65290101
dob: 11/2/2010 
Full American White Golden 70 lbs
Female in Charge!
Dam (Mother): Belle
Sire (Father): Jake
passed: Nov 2017

Queen B Belle - 'Belle'
AKC# SR41517401  
dob: 2/6/07
Light Golden Full American 60 lbs
Has OFA Hip & Elbow, heart & eye clearances.  
Sweet & Lovable, loves playing fetch.
​retired 2014
passed March 2020

Splendid Star Little Tiger - 'Kied'
AKC # SR43253401
dob: 4/16/06
Creme Golden  75lbs
Full European, Champion bloodlines, Imported from Hungary.
OFA Hip & Elbow, heart & eye clearances.
retired 2014

Full American Light Golden  95 lbs
passed: July 2012

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DAMS  (moms)
Lacee Workman
Colorado Royal Golden Retrievers